Friday, July 31, 2015


This blog began as a book. Upon completion, I felt publishing this as a book was the wrong way to go. I wanted something more for readers. A book just seemed too 'static.' The medical world is always changing, information is always changing, and people simply want a community. Putting what I had written into this blog was the perfect solution. If BRCA has become part of your vocabulary for whatever reason, I hope you or someone you love finds some answers and maybe even some comfort from my story.

Up until this experience, I never dreamt of writing a book. I'm a voracious reader and I tend to turn to books to find answers to all of life's questions and problems. Don't get me wrong, I talk things out with my closest circle, but I find my own conclusions reflecting on both the words I've read and those I've heard. That being said, when faced with the BRCA situation, I found only two books to rely on.

The goal here is not for me to bore you with my "story." I'm not big on talking about myself. I just wanted to put my story out there to help someone else. If one person makes a judgement call like I was faced with that could save her life, I'm happy. If this helps one scared soul prepare for surgery, calm her nerves and feel confident that she will come out of this ok, I'm happy.

Prior to surgery, I just wanted to know what to expect. I wanted to prepare for every situation. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. I really really wanted to know EVERYTHING. My hope is that readers will fully understand what to expect, how to prepare and that they are not alone. I asked my doctors for references to patients who went through my same struggle. I spoke to anyone and everyone that I could. There really weren't that many. Three. That was all I could find. Friends, here is my personal contact information, You will reach me. Please reach out and let's conquer this beast together.

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